On Keeping My Resolutions – Days 9-14

We’re now two weeks into the new year, which is usually around the time that most people fail with their resolutions. Psychological research has shown that if you can keep a resolution for three weeks, it becomes a habit and is more likely to stick. I’ve got my fingers crossed in that regard.

Another stressful week at work, including a new self-proposed project which may or may not yield any useful results. Still, I am doing well so far. Since my last summary I’ve been able to:

  1. Continue with my plan to take a full hour for lunch, although on Thursday I did have a lunch meeting. To make up for that, I made sure to take 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after for personal time.
  2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes daily, except on Thursday because of the crazy schedule that day. I’ve slowly been increasing the duration of my sessions as well, and hope to average 20 minutes a day starting next week. I’ve also been taking advantage of the new meditation and mindfulness techniques I was researching last week. I will admit, however, that during one session I did fall asleep.
  3. Sign up for a random class on Udemy.com, taking advantage of one of their promotions to sign up for a 45+ hour business course for only $10. I’ve also been spending a couple of minutes very morning and every evening looking at some of the brief tutorials on Curious.com to learn something new every day. I now have a new found appreciation for Ethio-jazz.
  4. Go out for dinner and saw a movie (Rogue One, finally) with my husband and some friends. We’ve been trying to get together for a while, but various holidays, family obligations and illnesses kept getting in the way. The hubby was a total trooper, given that he’s still fighting his nasty head cold.
  5. Speak with my father, my sister, and a dear friend from New York City on the phone this week. The latter is an actor with whom I occasionally work, and some of the conversation focused on upcoming courses at the University, but we did spend a good 15-20 minutes just shooting the breeze (albeit largely complaining about how crappy 2016 was).
  6. Again post something positive to Facebook every day, ranging from links to Ethio-jazz songs to funny videos and inspirational quotes.
  7. Get to the gym a couple of times. I even started back in a Crossfit-type class that I particularly enough, although I had difficulty walking the next day.
  8. Continue the experiment to determine which, if any, of the meal delivery services are the most cost-effective, time-saving, nutritious, and tasty. We’ve now tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and will be making the first of three Home Chef-provided meals tonight.
  9. Kept my cool when some of my work colleagues annoyed me by failing to complete tasks or forgetting to show up to critical meetings. I’m still a little frustrated that they haven’t bothered to apologize, as I would have, but am working on letting that expectation go.
  10. Writing something every day, even if it is not something that is shared publicly or professionally.

As with my last summary, there have been a couple of failures this week. I’m still not getting my diet locked in because of various stressful events that trigger strong cravings for sugar and carbs (or that require a shot of alcohol). I also was unable to stick to my plan to batch emails, only answering them three times a day. Some of that was due to issues at work that required an immediate response, but other times I simply fell into my old pattern of behavior. That might be something worth addressing more actively, perhaps by using a computer program designed to block my access to email except for certain times of the day. Finally, because of some unexpected bills from various doctors and specialists, I had to dip into my savings or use a credit card in order to meet my financial obligations in a timely fashion. However, I plan to replenish those savings and pay off the credit card in full this month.

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