On Keeping My Resolutions – Days 5-8

Although 2017 has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start – the professional challenges at work keep coming and I’m feeling perpetually behind on my work – I feel like I’ve been doing fairly well in managing the stress and in keeping to my non-resolution resolutions for 2017. In the past four days, for example, I have been able to:

  1. Stick with my plan to take a full hour for lunch, during which time I will focus on the personal rather than the professional.
  2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes daily.
  3. Engage in some reading for pleasure, including listening to some books on tape while walking to and from work and researching some new meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  4. Nurse my husband through his nasty head cold with calm and grace, even when his clogged sinuses make him snore so loudly that the whole bed shakes.
  5. Do some random acts of kindness, including a sympathy card for a friend who lost her cousin unexpectedly and a ‘just because’ romantic card for Dan.
  6. Talk to one family member or friend on the phone every day, including a person that I haven’t spoken to in nearly six months.
  7. Post something positive daily to Facebook (and totally independent of the snarky running commentary that this year’s awards season always inspires).
  8. Cleaned up the blog’s website a little bit to make it a little more user-friendly.
  9. Get to the gym a couple of times, with a plan to increase both the length and duration of my visits over the next month or so until I am back to where I was before my hospitalization.
  10. Carefully plan a financial experiment to determine which, if any, of the meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Plated are cost effective, time saving, nutritious, and tasty. Expect a blog report on that in about two weeks time once we receive, prepare, and eat a representative sample from each.
  11. Transferred a $500.00 gift from my dad into the Barcelona fund, and also applied for a couple of grants and consulting gigs. I’m also looking at ways of monetizing my personal and professional writing activities.

Of course, I would be lax after the first week of 2017 if I didn’t note a few failures, including my inability to stick to the Whole30 (largely because some work- and family-induced stress [my most common triggers] resulted in bingeing on some chocolate and needing a stiff drink), not making much headway on the budgeting stuff, and the fact that I haven’t had time this week to work on the book. Will get back on the eating healthy and writing professionally wagon soon. At least I can say that I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing every day through this blog, my NPR commentaries, and other personal and professional activities. I’d forgotten how cathartic writing can be.

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